Zebra! (The result of SAL #03)

Wow! Who would have thought by the end of SAL #03 there would be already nearly 400 members of the “Naaichallenge kinderkleding”  facebook group. So happy to see this and all the lovely items everyone is making in the sew alongs! We recently finished the third one and today I’ll show you my results!


This sew-along everyone was working on the free dress pattern “Little Sweat Dress” (link below). You already might have seen the first dress I’ve made with this pattern over here. The pattern originally has a col, but I didn’t have enough fabric left for that so I went with a normal neckline instead.

I’ll have to admit, this fabric has been laying around here for quite a while. Ninthe already chose this one in the store a while back, but I didn’t used it yet because I did not really liked it myself. But now I figured it was about time to give it a go. And I must say, I kinda do like the result! Ninthe is really pleased with it herself too. Especially with the big zebra but on her back, haha!


The fabric is a jersey panel from BIPP design I bought over at Karteris. Happy with the result of this third sew along and all the other nice dresses I’ve seen made by the other participants. Curious about the next challenge? I’ve already posted a preview over here.

Love, Cindy

Pattern: Little Sweat Dress (free!)
FB sew-along group: Naaichallenges kinderkleding


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