Craft month #01 My first Nivalis

It’s craft month this month over at Sofilantjes. And for the first week they have challenged everybody to sew up a Sofilantjes pattern you own, but haven’t sewn yet. For me this meant I had to sew up a Vallis for myself, or a Nivalis for Ninthe. I decided to go with the Nivalis!


I actually had the Nivalis pattern printed and cut out in the right size already. I bought this pattern with the intention to make Ninthe this dress but when I wanted to cut the fabric it turned out the dress pattern was to big for this panel. Big bummer! So then I went with another pattern and the Nivalis was still waiting and waiting!

So now I finally took the time to use it and make Ninthe this cute little kitty dress. This is the Nivalis in the most simple way, it actually has tons of really nice options you can add to make it something more special. Like a collar, color block, hood, etcetera! I thought this fabric was enough without all the extra option, so I went with that and Ninthe is loving the result!

Glad I did finally make this pattern. It actually wasn’t a dress from Ninthe her spring/summer moodboard. I should have put in on it! It’s perfect! Now I am curious about the other themes for the weeks to come!

Love, Cindy

Pattern: Nivalis from Sofilantjes (Dutch or English)


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