An overview from the nicest (free) patterns for kids!

Below you’ll find an overview from different great and free PDF kids patterns! First you’ll see all kind of patterns that have past on this blog and which I’ve made before. After this you’ll find my ever-growing wish-list! Let it inspire you and maybe you’ll find something you’d like to try out yourself!

Brindille & Twig – Hooded Raglan Sweatshirt

A really nice pattern which can be used in several ways! I’ve made this quite a few times before. It’s a sweatshirt with a raglan sleeve, a pocket and a hoodie. It is available in sizes 0-3 months up to 5-6 years (size 62 t/m 118)

As you can see on the pictures this pattern is unisex and thus usably for both boys and girls to make all kinds of lovely clothes! You can modify it as you please. I’ve made this before with a neckline instead of a hoodie. Or leave the pocket and it will look different already. You can also add length to it and then you’ll have a sweater dress! (The example I made has a front made out of a pillow case!). Want to see all the blogs I’ve wrote about this pattern? Check it out here.

Iris May – My first backpack

No clothing, but also a really great free pattern! This backpack for kids is available in two sizes, small or medium. I’ve made the small version once, when Ninthe went to the elementary school for the first time! You can find my blogpost over here.


Missessippie – Dex pants (bikerhack)

With this Dex Pants you can make a really comfy pants for your kids. This pattern comes in the sizes 92 up to 128 and also has the option for a biker pants hack!


This one I’ve made from an old sweatpants, upcycle! You can read all about this over here.

AefflynS – MiniMars

Yet another wonderfulp pattern for a sweatshirt! Again a unisex one, and this one has options for color block. It comes in sizes 62/68 up to 122/128.

All my blogs about mine MiniMars creations you can find over here.

Made for Motti – Hose Motti

A really great pattern for a pants with loads of different options! And it comes in almost all kids sizes, from 56 up to 164! Amazing! I’ve already made these one, you can read all about it over here.

Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom – Legging

A legging pattern is always useful, especially for a girly girl like Ninthe! Up till now I’ve made 1 myself and this was with the free pattern from Scattered Thoughts of a crafty mom. You’ll find this here.


Threads by Caroline
Ester & Ebbe
A really nice but simply shirt pattern. For both boys and girls, available in sizes 74 up to 146. For girls you’ll find the option to add a ruffle. Read all about this pattern over here.

A skirt pattern, also by Threads by Caroline, and also available in the sizes 74 up to 146. This skirt goes really nice together with the Ester & Ebbe shirt. Because of this I’ve made this matching outfit. You’ll can read more about it here.


De dromenfabriek – Tricot Jurkje
This pinguïn panel was perfect for this dress pattern! A free (dutch) pattern until size 110. (Bigger sizes are also available but then it’s not free anymore). Read all about it in this blogpost.


Lin-Kim – Little Sweat Dress
A nice and free availably dress pattern from Lin-Kim. I’ve made it twice so far. Ninthe loves them both! Read about them here. This one is available in sizes 92 up to 140.

Bel’Etoile – Skirt alert
This lovely skirt has been made with the free pattern from Bel’Etoile. It comes in sizes 80/86 up to 164! It had three length options and you can choose if you want to use a nice visible elastic waistband or an encased elastic waistband. For Ninthe I’ve made the midi size skirt with the visible elastic waistband. You can read all about it here.


Van Katoen Underwear
This free underwear pattern is great for using your scraps! You can make an unisex undershirt with it, a boys boxer and a girls boxer! I’ve wrote about it over here. It comes in five sizes, from 86/92 up to 134/140.

Sansahash – Niva Legging

Sansahash has recently released it’s first free pattern: the niva legging. A prefect comfy fit with a yoga waistband. Check it out here for more info.


Ellie and Mac Grow with me pajamas

A really nice pajama pattern from Ellie and Mac! It has both the options for a pajama with shirt and pants as well as a night gown for the girls! Check it out in these blogposts.

And many more free patterns!

Besides of the one I’ve already made, there are s many more free patterns on my wish-list! This list just keeps on growing and it’s hard to keep track of them all! Because of this I’ve made the list below, to keep an overview and to have everything together in the same spot. But do take advantage of it yourself though, I’m sure some of this will be really great patterns!
(This list will be updated continuously).


Dresses and skirts: